What is the role of PineNet?

PineNet has been developed to act as a forest sector network for distribution of biosecurity awareness material and biosecurity reponse readiness, and is based on Wood Council members in each region. Where there is no Wood Council in an area, FOA will draw on representatives from major forestry companies.

The objectives of PineNet are to maintain:

  • A network of key contacts to rapidly access personnel and resources in the event of a biosecurity response.
  • A communication network to enable the Forest Biosecurity Committee (FBC) to keep regions up-to-date on biosecurity matters and awareness material.
  • A network of informally and formally trained personnel who can provide passive biosecurity surveillance and inform the FBC or FOA should they detect unusual forest health symptoms or organisms.

FOA and PineNet members are a key and important resource that can support and contribute to New Zealand's field team in a forest biosecurity outbreak.


Link to PineNet Newsletters

Key documents

Visitor Hygiene Policy - updated poster format A3 October 2018 (.pdf 89kb)

Copies of the poster can be ordered from FOA (contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Pest and Disease Fact Sheets

Other resources

BtK Fact sheet from MPI (.pdf 569kb)